Collaborative work


The Australian Virtual Observatory is a collaborative effort by Australian astronomy researchers and computer scientists which aims to build a virtual observatory environment for publishing and analysing astronomical data from Australian and international telescopes, and for comparing data with sophisticated theoretical models. The Australian Virtual Observatory will be one of many virtual observatories developed worldwide, and will interoperate freely with those services. This site is intended to be a dynamic focus for all those who wish to be involved in the Australian Virtual Observatory. A more static, traditional collection of web pages describing the project and its various bits and pieces can be found at


Discussion and concepts relating to the role and implementation of theoretical astrophysics in the Australian Virtual Observatory.


Ideas, notes, documents, papers, etc. relating to the major surveys being prepared for the Australian Virtual Observatory.


Descriptions and discussions of the various technologies which the (Australian) Virtual Observatory will need and use.


Ideas, code, notes, documents, examples, etc. relating to the tools we hope to develop for the Australian Virtual Observatory and our international partners.


Ideas and discussions about the overall objectives and challenges facing the Australian Virtual Observatory, and funding opportunities.

Meeting Reports

A collection of informal reports from meetings that Aus-VO people have attended.


There are so many services we could implement, and so many data sets we could offer. Do you have a particular service or data set in mind? This is the place to suggest it.


A Simple Image Access service allows a user to search for and retrieve images.


A Simple Spectral Access service allows a user to search for and retrieve spectral data.


Client tools are applications which access virtual observatory services - often in a sophisticated way, accessing many services simultaneously. They typically run on the users local machine.