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AusVODownload is Java-based interface to the Virtual Observatory. It's designed for use by astronomers. It can be run standalone, or as an extension to Miriad, AIPS++, IRAF and IDL.

Typically, you'll be examining a sky position and want images at different frequencies. From miriad, you'll type "ausvodownload" and a Java GUI will popup. From a list of all available servers you'll select a data-server to query (eg SUMSS) and it will return a list of available FITS/GIF images. You'll click download and continue working in Miriad. If you have hundreds of sources, it can perform a batch download of all available FITS images for each source.

This document tells you how to install and run it.


Get the binary (recommended) or source code version (compile with ant):


>tar -zxf ausvodownload-bin-0.8.tar.gz

>cd ausvodownload



You'll need to compile with ant if you got the source version. See README for details, but really just type 'ant' in ausvodownload directory.

More detailed information for developers:

  • The AusVODownloadPaper is our working version of a paper for submission to ADASS.
  • AusVODownloadBatchMode outlines the development of a batch mode for querying multiple servers about multiple sources.


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