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Index of material in Surveys section.

Publishing Catalogues and the VO

At Melbourne University we have some catalogues in text file format which we would like users to be able to access. The principle catalogues HIPASS and SUMSS data.


The HI Parkes All Sky Survey (HIPASS) is a survey for neutral atomic Hydrogen over the entire sky south of declination +25 degrees.

Publishing Catalogues and the VO

The user interface for a catalogue search is very important! It's quite hard to implement (very fiddly) because the web page is dynamic yet it need to be generic too.

Catalogue Server Implementation

This document describes the lowish-level implementation a generic, RA/DEC based catalogue server. What's that? Well, the user view is described in CatalogueUserInterface.


In 2003, we have a number of survey-class datasets which will be prepared for inclusion in the Australian Virtual Observatory.