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In January, I (DavidBarnes) visited three of the sites involved in the AstroGrid project.


Web Service definition.


A WebPortal can be likened to a user interface which is presented in and interacted within a web browser.


Software packages and languages

Introduction to the Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

On this page I summarise the main features of WSDL that you will need to know to make sense of WSDL files, or make basic modifications to them.

Technical Working Group

This is the TWiki page for the Aus-VO Technical Working Group.

AIPS++ using JNI in a webservice

This documents my efforts in making a webservice and servlet.

Programmer Documentation

This page covers the steps required to create a basic webservice/client pair using C++ and gSOAP.

Naming Authority

Naming Authority

Middleware Tools for Grid Computing

A summary of available middleware tools.