Ideas, code, notes, documents, examples, etc. relating to the tools we hope to develop for the Australian Virtual Observatory and our international partners.

  • AboutTools -- what are tools in the VirtualObservatory context?
  • AusVODownload -- downloads data from the VO from the command-line or a gui.
  • VisualisationTools -- what tools will we need to display data to the user? What infrastructures are available to build these tools on? Who will do what?
  • DataMiningTools -- how can we help the user find patterns in massive databases, distributed around the Grid?
  • CatalogueMatching -- fast matching of large catalogues.

There are a bunch of useful things to know that help in development of VO capabilities. Go to UsefulThings if you want to know more...

There are a growing number of externally-developed tools and libraries which deal with VOTables. See this page for a list which is hopefully regularly updated. The TOPCAT tools is especially useful allowing you to view VOTables as spreadsheets, do some basic plotting, and save several different output formats. Indeed with TOPCAT you can convert plain old ascii files to VOTables with a very small amount of work.


A complete listing of all the files in the Tools section.