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Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence with strong connections to statistics.


At Melbourne University we are currently developing a visualisation tool for viewing 3D data from VOTable data.


This is the TWiki page for the Aus-VO Visualisation Working Group.


Practical and sophisticated visualisation tools will be one of the cornerstones of virtual observatories.


It's a fact of life that developing code, tools, software, ... for use in the VirtualObservatory? environment depends on a large range of things. Here are some useful and less useful pointers to information:


A tool will be provided for the purpose of matching catalogues together.


Matching Catalogues Survey


We use SSH's port forwarding capability to enable external access to our internal Tomcat development host/s.

Simulation Codes

In addition to the data storage and analysis aspect of the VO, we are working on how theoretical astrophysics can benefit from the Virtual Observatory.


Selection Effects of machine learning matching could potentially be more complex than the selection effects in other sorts of matching.