Regarding your thoughts at the end on Australian involvement.

I think we, Aus VO, are doing exactly as you suggest. Although we are not much involved in the standards working groups, we are trying to take some of the emerging standards and work with them (and then provide feedback). So for example, as you know, with RVS we are integrating it with SIA and Conesearch. At the ATNF we also plan to provide these services with our existing image archives. In Melbourne they are working with registries.

Radio astronomy has indeed taken a back seat in IVOA. At the interop meeting in Strasbourg last year, we radio astronomers there made exactly that point about multi dimensional images (and spectra just being a 1-D image), but without any significant impact. In the USA, Doug Tody, who leads the DAL working group is now based at NRAO (used to be at NOAO) so the voice is now more influenced. However, in practical terms, I don't really see anything changing (even if we put significant effort into the working groups now [which i don't think is a good strategy]). My pragmatic view is that we work with what is being provided and try to influence largely by the feedback process.