Comments On Pune Report


First up, thanks so much to Tara Murphy for compiling her report on the Interop meeting at Pune in 2004. The report indicated a number of potential actions, and I'm listing a few and commenting on them here.

Thanks David, I've added my comments in bold italic - Tara

  • Space-Time Coordinate Metadata is in working draft form. Our experts on this domain in Australia are probably Mark Calabretta and Wim Brouw both at ATNF. So could the ATNF VO people perhaps consider talking to Mark and Wim about this working draft?
  • There is a "Catalog" work package in the DM group, but I can't find any information on their IVOA web page or email list. So what we can contribute here I'm not really sure. I'm not so sure what a Catalog data model would be, in the sense that it should really only store information that is already connected to an existing data model. Why should there be a DM specific to catalogues?
    • No, people who want to contribute (by helping to describe radio astronomy catalogues in general - or their own catalogue in particular) should contact Pedro Osuna. He will then give further information as to what he requires. I was also not sure what a data model of a catalogue would consist of...
  • If the ATNF Measures (web)service is going to provide a mechanism to convert columns of coordinates, or quantities, in VOTables, then I think indeed this service should support "Catalogue DM" whatever it turns out to be.
  • We are working towards an Australian registry at Melbourne. Kathie Manson is working on this under the APAC Grid project. I hope we will have something by end 2004, and then we will offer a registry service to Australian providers, and set up a system to propagate our registry entries to the NVO and/or other registries. Our basic holding point is that there aren't really any reference implementations of the registry standard that we know of.
  • Australia must get involved in the theory VO. People like Sarah Maddison, Geraint Lewis, etc. should be proactive in this area.
    • There was a group at the NVO Summer School which was involved in attempting to draft a protocol that they called Simple Particle Access (SPA). From my vague understanding something similar to SIAP This is in a very early stage of development the NVO SS was aparently the first meeting of this kind ... - Peter Teuben and Laurie Shaw were in this group. David Rohde
  • I think it is too early for an Australian equiv. of the NVO summer school. I think we could aim at something later in 2005. Perhaps associated with ASA GM in July?
    • Are you thinking of something where the developers explain to users how to use tools, or something where expert developers explain to developers how to develop stuff?
    • Good question, the NVO SS attempted to do both. Most participants had some sort of steak in the VO, it didn't have all that many bread and butter astronomers. I think due to the size of Aus-VO we can only realisticly do developers explaining to astronomers. I would suggest that at a minimum at the next ASA there should be a talk showing off some of the tools.David Rohde

-- David Barnes - 11 Oct 2004

-- Tara Murphy - 11 Oct 2004

-- David Rohde - 3 Nov 2004