Installing Casa On Octane


+++ At last: install CASA!

Note: this is called "at last", because we build on years of successful installations of AIPS++ on the same system!

mkdir /data/software/casa

cd /data/software/casa

setenv CVSROOT

cvs login

# empty passwd

cvs -r checkout -d code casa/code

cd code

unsetenv AIPSPATH # otherwise it gets confused :-)

chmod u+x install/configure.cvs


Accept /data/software/casa as the root directory, and select linux_gnu as the architecture. Put melbourne for the site name setting, and no comment. Indicate that you have 2 processors, or at least octane does.

When prompted, edit linux_gnu/melbourne/aipsrc and set the default printer to astrops (that's our printer) and paper size to A4.

Modify makedefs when prompted. Final version attached to this page.

Allow it to proceed.

-- DavidBarnes - 10 Jun 2005