The 2QZ is a survey of over 22,000 spectroscopically identified QSOs using the 2-degree field (2dF) instrument at the AAT. The survey was carried out over the period 1997-2002.

Over 40,000 colour-selected (B<20.85) stellar objects were observed at low spectral
resolution (8Å) with the 2dF, resulting in a QSO catalogue that is largely complete (>85%) for the redshift range 0.4<z<2.2. The survey is available from www.2dfquasar.org (including FITS spectra and images).

The purpose of the 2QZ-VO initiative is to incorporate the 2dF spectra and derived products (identifications, redshifts) in the CADC VO interface, federating the 2QZ with other databases (including HST WFPC2) already ingested into this system.
The goal is to have a demo working by the IAU General Assembly in July 2003. This is the first attempt to serve spectroscopic data as part of the VO and it is anticipated that the 2QZ will serve as a prototype for other larger surveys e.g. 2dFGRS, RAVE.