Aus-VO Meetings


Aus-VO staff and associates try to meet with other people with interests in virtual observatories, grid computing, data warehousing, data processing and so on, both within Australia and internationally. Listed here are upcoming and recent meetings.


Recent Australian meetings

  • 2005 January ~30: Australasian Workshop on Grid Computing and e-Research (AusGrid 2005)

Interest in Grid computing in Australia and internationally is rapidly growing, driven by real-world applications of increasing scale and complexity.

The Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing and its state partners are supporting e-Research by deploying a national grid infrastructure and working to grid-enable applications in areas such as physics, astronomy, chemistry, geoscience, earth sciences and life sciences. The Australian Research Council is also planning to implement an initiative to support e-Research in Australia.

  • 2004 November 18-19: Australian Virtual Observatory Workshop 2004

This workshop is our annual get-together of all interested parties to discuss the accomplishments of and future directions for Australian involvement in the Virtual Observatory projects.


Recent International meetings

  • 2004 September 27-29: IVOA Interoperability Workshop
  • 2004 September 30 - October 01: IVOA Small Projects Meeting
  • 2004 October 24-27: Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems XIV

This ADASS 2004 conference will be held in Pasadena, California, USA.