The HI Parkes All Sky Survey (HIPASS) is a survey for neutral atomic Hydrogen over the entire sky south of declination +25 degrees. HIPASS was accomplished with the Parkes 64m radiotelescope, operated by the CSIRO's Australia Telescope National Facility and comprises more than one terabyte of raw data acquired between 1997 and 2002.

The primary and secondary data products (including planned products) of the survey include:

  • 538 spectral line "cubes" of the sky, each nominally covering 64 square degrees of sky and 14000 km/s of redshift space. These images show Galactic and extragalactic neutral atomic Hydrogen agglomerations, as well as several Galactic recombination lines.
  • A public web interface to spectra extracted from the spectral line cubes.
  • A catalogue of 1956 southern anomalous-velocity HI clouds - accessible at services.aus-vo.org.
  • A catalogue of 4315 southern HI galaxies - accessible at services.aus-vo.org.
  • Radio continuum maps of the southern sky at 1395 MHz (HCC, expected mid 2005; equatorial HCC (eHCC) described in Melchiori, Hons Thesis, Univ. Melbourne 2004).
  • Deep, optimally reprocessed spectral line cubes (expected August 2005).
  • A catalogue of >6000 southern HI galaxies (expected December 2005).

Update: April 2004

The production version of a VO-compliant interface to HICAT (Meyer et al., 2004) and the HVC catalogue (Putman et al. 2002) is complete and released to the public.

The HIPASS Aus-VO services can be accessed here: hipass.aus-vo.org.


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