Remote Visualisation System


The Remote Visualisation System (RVS) is to be a software system that allows remote visualisation and analysis of astronomical datasets. It is under initial prototyping and development at the CSIRO's Australia Telescope National Facility.

The intention is to use the the ground work already laid by the Astronomical Information Processing System (AIPS++)Display Library to provide basic visualisation and analysis tools which operate over a network. We expect to have a simple prototype ready for the 2003 General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union.

The RVS server will ideally allow connections between web servers (and hence browsers), client applications, server-side components and any other software components that comply with the standard interface developed for our RVS server.

The goal of the RVS from an Aus-VO perspective is to provide a generic visualisation service to not just end users, but also to other applications and systems that can use it in combination with other services. For example, a future back end system may use data mining services in combination with the RVS to provide users with a powerful tool for visualising the end product of a high-level sequence of Virtual Observatory operations.