The Australian Virtual Observatory (Aus-VO) provides a number of resources for astronomers. These resources include web services (via SOAP), catalogue servers, visualisation tools and conesearch servers.


An easy to user, extensible astronomical catalogue server. Presently this service provides access to the HIPASS Catalogue, the HIPASS HVC catalogue, and the SUMSS source catalogue.


A web application to visualise your VOTable, in several coordinate systems. This is available as an output option from SkyCat.


A VO-compliant conesearch service returning VOTable. Note that it returns XML and so you'll often need to 'view source' to from your browser to see anything. The general format is: &SR=...



astro_skycat_sumss, astro_skycat_hicat or astro_skycat_hvc



Right ascension in decimal degrees



Declination in decimal degrees



Search Radius in decimal degrees

Some examples are

Convert a wide range of units. This example talks to the web service below.

A SOAP Web Service with interfaces with AIPS++. This is a demonstration of wrapping existing native code in a language-neutral, world-accessible web service. This link returns a WSDL file. You may have to "view source" to see this file. A list of methods is available. Note that the wsdl link on this Axis page is incorrect.